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Maintenance plan

Protect your home all year


Periodics inspections


Service Guarantee


Annual protection for your entire home

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Pay only what you need

We carry out maintenance only in the areas required by your property.

Protect your home all year

You have access to all services and maintenance professionals for one year.

100% guarantee

All our maintenance services have a guarantee of operation and satisfaction.

certified professionals

All services are performed by trusted and certified professionals in their area.

remote monitoring

Direct access to monitor your property and view the end result of each maintenance service.


What is the Kza Maya Maintenance Plan?

We guarantee the care of your property!The maintenance plan is a membership that allows you to have services and professionals that provide maintenance in the areas required by your property. The interesting thing aboutKza Maya Managementis that it improves the state of your property, your profitability and added value.

How does the Maintenance Plan work?

We guarantee the care of your property! Throughout the year you have professionals who provide maintenance in the areas required by your property. The interesting thing aboutKza Maya Management.












Semester Maintenance Plan
  • 6 months of protection

  • Warranty on services

$340 each inspection​

Annual Maintenance Plan
  • 1 year protection

  • priority attention

  • Warranty on services

Free inspections​

Tailor-made maintenance
  • service quote

​$450 each inspection

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Frequent questions

  • How does Kza Maya Management work?
    The first step is to contact our team of homeowner consultants: they will review our services, see if your home is a good fit...
  • Are there restrictions on how often I can use my home?
    Yes, in Mexico there are regulations and restrictions regarding the frequency with which you can rent a property on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking etc.
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    No, it is not necessary to sign a long-term contract outside the type of plan you are choosing, since you accept the terms and conditions of the service that establish the rules and responsibilities of both the plan and the services.
  • How much are the Kza Maya fees?
    Depends on the plan you contract and the services you need, contact one of our sales agents.
  • How does Kza Maya advertise my house?
    There are different platforms and methods to advertise a property for rent, some of which we use are: Airbnb: is an online platform that allows hosts to list their properties for short-term rental. Vrbo – Another online platform that focuses on short-term vacation rentals, especially for properties in popular tourist destinations. An online platform for booking short-term accommodation, including hotels, apartments and holiday homes. Real Estate Agencies: If you are looking to rent your property long-term, you may want to consider working with a real estate agency that can help you find tenants and manage the rental process.
  • How can I monitor the rents of my house?
    We will share your status month by month giving you all the monitoring of the rent of your property.
  • Does Kza Maya offer services near me?
    Depending on your plan and what you need, we can support you with: Civil works and remodeling. Electrical maintenance. Plumbing maintenance. Air conditioners. Pool maintenance. Fumigation. Gardening. Household cleaning. Private security. Contact a sales agent to receive all the information on each service.
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