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We manage and offer Maintenance to your properties

Generate income while we manage and care for your vacation rental property

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How do we help you?

Protecting your home and generating monthly income is very simple withKza Maya.

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Rents all year

We generate digital strategies to guarantee income from your property all year round.

comprehensive protection

We insure your property for damages caused by guests to your accommodation for up to $3 million dollars.

Maintenance to your property

From cleaning to changing a blown bulb, we take care of general maintenance.

personalized attention

Direct access to monitor your property, view your reservations and many other aspects.

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No one knows vacation rentals like we do.

We've spent decades providing exceptional service to our clients and owners, from providing unforgettable vacation experiences to maximizing the profitability of your vacation property.

Discover how we manage and take care of your property

All services are made to measure, you can select those with which...

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You have a team of experts dedicated to taking care of your home, with the following services:

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Digital Strategy for guaranteed monthly income.

damage insurance for youproperty.

Management of rent, tenants and security.

Basic maintenance plan.

Tax and Accounting Compliance.

Legal protection with tenants.

Digital platform for rent monitoring and maintenance.

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Maintenance plan

Acquire Preventive and Corrective Maintenance policies, with the following services:

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Periodics inspections.

Electrical maintenance.

Plumbing maintenance.

Air conditioning maintenance.

Pool maintenance.


Civil works and remodeling.

Fumigation and pest prevention.

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tailored services

Acquire Administration or Preventive and Corrective Maintenance services tailored to your needs with:

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You select only the services you need.

Receive a quote.

Monthly / Bimonthly and Annual.


Expect future expenses. 

Schedule the visit of specialists.

Protection for the future

Monitor the status of contracted maintenance services.

Administrador de Tienda

Do you have any doubts?

Receive a response from an advisor about all the services we have for you.

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Frequent questions

  • How does Kza Maya Management work?
    The first step is to contact our team of homeowner consultants: they will review our services, see if your home is a good fit...
  • Are there restrictions on how often I can use my home?
    Yes, in Mexico there are regulations and restrictions regarding the frequency with which you can rent a property on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking etc.
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    No, it is not necessary to sign a long-term contract outside the type of plan you are choosing, since you accept the terms and conditions of the service that establish the rules and responsibilities of both the plan and the services.
  • How much are the Kza Maya fees?
    Depends on the plan you contract and the services you need, contact one of our sales agents.
  • How does Kza Maya advertise my house?
    There are different platforms and methods to advertise a property for rent, some of which we use are: Airbnb: is an online platform that allows hosts to list their properties for short-term rental. Vrbo – Another online platform that focuses on short-term vacation rentals, especially for properties in popular tourist destinations. An online platform for booking short-term accommodation, including hotels, apartments and holiday homes. Real Estate Agencies: If you are looking to rent your property long-term, you may want to consider working with a real estate agency that can help you find tenants and manage the rental process.
  • How can I monitor the rents of my house?
    We will share your status month by month giving you all the monitoring of the rent of your property.
  • Does Kza Maya offer services near me?
    Depending on your plan and what you need, we can support you with: Civil works and remodeling. Electrical maintenance. Plumbing maintenance. Air conditioners. Pool maintenance. Fumigation. Gardening. Household cleaning. Private security. Contact a sales agent to receive all the information on each service.
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